To Music Video Production Community Members:

On Friday, July 11th 1997 MVPA Board Members and members of the Code of Conduct Committee met with video commissioners to develop a Music Video Submission Spec Sheet. Upon completion, the organization will recommend that all record label video commissioners use this sheet when requesting treatments/ concepts for music videos.

The plan to develop the spec sheet came out of a June 19th forum with numerous music video directors, video commissioners and production company owners where industry grievances were aired and issues addressed. The spec sheet is designed to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Standardize the treatment submission process from label to label and production company to production company so that the general skill levels of our entire industry can improve and many simple problems in the production process can be eliminated.

  • Begin the discussion of any potential project at a higher level of communication, thus saving time for all involved.

  • Create a paper trail which will help production companies protect creative rights.

  • Create a paper trail which will provide back-up and evidence for video commissioners when they need to approach record label executives for overages, copyright issues, etc...

  • Provide production companies with more information on who they are submitting against so they may better evaluate the projects value in relationship to their time and creative resources.

  • Provide Directors and Production Companies with a stronger sense of the creative slant of the project.

  • Provide video commissioners with a means to receive treatments in a more timely fashion.
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