The parties in this agreement are THE VIDEO PRODUCER, hereinafter known as Producer, and Unique Video Productions, 242-16, 130th Road, Jamaica, NY 11422, hereinafter known as UVP. UVP & Producer have reached the following agreement.

On TODAYS DATE Producer agreed to send UVP various footage of sexy women of color. This footage may include but is not limited to bikini contests, exotic dancers, girls dancing provacatively, voyeur video oudoors or indoors, and pool parties.

1. UVP will use footage from master video tape(s) sent by Producer in our Video, Video on the Streets of NY, Video Beach Girls, NY's Finest Video of Color, Video Dancers video series, or in a video series UVP develops in the future.

2. UVP will pay Producer a one time payment of $5.00 PER MINUTE ($300.00 per hour) for video footage used. This rate assumes video footage is clear & has no technical problems. If minor technical problems exist there is a 15% reduction in rate. If major technical problems exist (such as color shifts, picture roll, dropouts, no audio, etc.) there is a 30% reduction. UVP will select all footage which is to be used, make a master tape (named Tape B), calculate the total payment, and make payment to Producer, within 30 days of receipt of master video tape(s). A copy of Tape B will also be sent to Producer for his records, if he requests.

3. Producer will allow UVP to electronically transfer from video to photograph any still frame taken from the video footage for use in advertising, promotion and video box covers.

4. Producer will allow UVP to use video footage in any of their advertising, video productions & promotions now known or later developed. This grant includes the right to edit, mix or duplicate and to use or re-use the video footage in whole or in part as UVP may elect, including the right to broadcast, exhibit, market, sell, and otherwise distribute video footage.

5. Producer agrees that all video footage & photographs remain the property of UVP, including copyright interests. Producer acknowledges he no longer has any interest or ownership in video footage. However, UVP will allow Producer, without notification to UVP, to sell, market or otherwise distribute this video footage, as Producer sees fit, after a period of 5 days from the date of this contract.

6. Producer agrees that he is the original owner of video footage and therefore has the right to enter this agreement, and that he is not restricted by any commitments to third parties.

7. Producer will not hold UVP liable for any damages due to publicity or notoriety which may arise from the use of said video footage & photographs in any UVP advertising, production or promotion. Producer will indemnify UVP from any & all claims arising out of or in any way connected to the above granted uses and representations.

8. Producer agrees that he has read and fully understands all stipulations of this contract/release.


UVP Signature____________________________________________Date_____________


Producer Signature________________________________________Date_____________


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