Help Us Locate These Missing Children website contains information about, and when available, pictures of Michigan Children who have been reported to law enforcement as runaways or potential abductions. This information is being provided by the State because it is believed the children are at risk, and it is in the best interest of these children that they be located.

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8 Accredited Fashion Programs in MI.

How to make your line sheets

How to develop your LOOK BOOK

Top 10 Fashion Schools in the US


Bridge to the Future, Inc.
a Michigan based 501c3 non-profit organization since 2000

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Camille Jeanay
Lyudviga Shneyders
Mariella Amador
Nikyah Lumbard
Deborah Edgar
Maria Luna
Diane Berry
Diane Linston
Odie King
Tayion Collection
Uneek Collection
Kate Lorenz Design
Asylum Fashion House
Toni McClendon
Beulah Cooley
Katerina Bocci
Cynthyah Beamon
Terrah Bonhart
Janel Lafleur
Cedi Johnson


Renee Estella
April Ray
Josephine Bell

Makeup Artists

B. Alassondra
Belinda Campbell
Josepine Bell


Accessory Designers

Breeziway by Sandra

Professional Sample Services

Michigan Fashion Proto



Brian Heath



Bridge to the Future, Inc. helping encourage and educate since 1998.

Mission Statement - Bridge to the Future, Inc. works with university and academy fashion design and merchandising programs to help students gain experience in the fashion industry. We sponsor designer showcases at Detroit Fashion Week and work to promote those designers through our web site listings and connect them with industry buyers. Helping to mentor fashion designers from Michigan and fostering relationships with national designers and industry professionals is our mission. If you are interested in helping efforts, please use the donation link above. We are a 501c3 non-profit organization and your donation is fully tax deductible.