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It was like this yesterday, and the day before. It never changes. I just want it to be over with. Why canít they just go. We won, they didnít. When all of this started I was all happy and everything. Now, I just want to go home. When I look out of the portal I try to see it. Itís just so far away. And then I wake up and the dream starts all over again.

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Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. Good, now I got enough to get that CD. I wonder if Candace is gonna get hers. I donít think her mama will let her because of the warning label on the cover. I donít think sneaking it in the house will work because sooner or later they will hear you playing it, and thenÖ Iím not trying to get on punishment for any of my girls.

Iím not scared of him I just donít want to fight. Fighting is like the last thing I need on my record. Iíve been getting good grades for a whole semester and Iím not screwing that up for nobody. I might just run as soon as I get out. I can hear my heart beating in my head, man I gotta get outta here. I better stop talking to myself before somebody thinks Iím crazy or something. Maybe if he thinks Iím crazy he might leave alone.

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