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Actors Character Analysis, Scene Study Workshop

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Actors Workshop - full & intensive programs
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Who am I

Almost 30 years I am a Producer and Director, Director of Photography.  I also do sound mixing on set and design lighting schemes for film and theater.   I am a professional photographer and a painter in oils.

I am an acting coach who has taught graduate students at the Michigan Opera Theatres' Opera Camp teaching a selected group of students from across the country in scene study and character analysis.  This class works on operas in multiple languages and we break down scenes so that the students not only know the meaning of the words they sing but understand the characters subtext so that they deliver not only excellent singing performances, they bring physical believability to their on stage delivery. 

I am a private acting coach to acting students and actors who are sharpening skills for audition cold reads, monologues and delivery film or theatre script performances.  I teach classes for middle school and high school students for various after school programs and with private groups.

I have studied Method and Classical acting methods and work with my students in the method they are adapted to though I personally prefer Method. 

Here is a link to one of my we pages on various skill studies if you would like to see if you are familiar with them.  http://www.ispgroupinc.com/act4fun.html

Brian Heath

Character Analysis
- any attribute that defines a human being can define a character.  For an Actor, much of his/her character definition can be found in the script.

Script Breakdown - part of the Actors job is to analyze the script and break it down into manageable parts. 


Actors and models who want to improve their audition and in-camera skills.

I teach individual and group workshops.   I teach at client homes,
and studio.   I teach groups in studio when groups come to me for study.
3 hour sessions for 3 or 6 weeks as well as 2 day intensive workshops 6
hr days.   I do sessions for specific role study with actors who need to prep for parts.
Workshops include:
Character analysis, Script analysis, scene study, cold reading, audition skills, warm-up/prep, monologue delivery. Delivery in camera

My students have won scholarships on their fist year at AMDA Conservatory of the Performing Arts in LA based on their audition skills.

3 week or   2 day intensive
6 week extended program

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6 Week actors workshop /group-private
2 Day Intensive workshop /group-private
3 Week Workshop /group-private