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  Bridge to the Future, Inc.

  Bridge to the Future, Inc. is a registered Non-Profit Organization.  Since covid we have held programs virtually to support the needs of youth who participate in our programs. 

Bridge to the Future, Inc. works to introduce youth  to the arts through film, art, writing and visual media.  We are committed to youth working together to create an environment of positive outlets to express their ideas.  Our approach includes virtual and hands on training, counseling and exposure to the entrepreneurial concept of becoming a creative artist using  traditional methods and modern technology.

Film and Theater coaching and training We provide free online monologues and scene study guides for young actors. We also provide hands-on training for actors and behind the scenes positions. Our guides have been used around the world by actors seeking to enhance their on camera or stage peformances.

Scene Study Guides: Scene study and character analysis materials are provided as well as online critique if requested.

Enhanced Training: We have a library of materials on Method acting and other methods to train in. There are games, breathing techniques, memory training and more.

Our Mission: We help guide young people interested in flm and theater careers by giving them hands-on training when possible. Our program provides real life guides giving coaches and their students materials, free to underserved communities. Visit our website Audition to get free guides, monologues and tons of advice on how to start or maintain your acting career.

Discover: Our acting program is only a part of what we do. We teach film production in a hands-on environment. Kids and teens are working with our DSLR cameras and lights, sound and digital editing computers. They work with writers to learn story telling strategies for script writing. We also teach them set design basics. We also include our conflict resolution skills program into everything we do. 

We have worked with schools and universities over the years supporting the growth of children, teens and young adults in their pursuit of creative careers. Writing and teaching special curriculums in design and technology fields our programs have become some of the most popular on the internet. All of our programs were funded through local public, private, government and faith-based grants and donations. We hope you will join in and support us too.


Art Appreciation for Kids - this kids day out program teaches kids 5 - 12 to paint on canvas, make puppets, paint banners and have an art show at the end of the program.  Arts and crafts instructor and materials provided.

After-school tutoring program - math, reading and writing skills program for middle school students.  This is a comprehensive program that involves working with a school on your area and/or your kids in-house.  The program is designed around your particular situation.  Program administrator and guidelines provided.

Arts & Humanities class - this class is an experience in creative writing and filmmaking.  We bring in cameras, lights and sound equipment.  The students learn to develop a script and then produce a finished film by the end of the course good enough for film festivals.

 We continue to bring our in  person programs to our virtual platform.   Your donations help us to fund our online one on one and group programs.  We continue to bring our best to the youth we have served and look forward to reaching more across the globe with your help.

Please donate to help underserved communities access creative programs.  SUPPORT ONE OF OUR PROGRAMS Youth in Focus is a small group hands-on production program. Kids do everything from idea creation to final short film. Be in the Scene is our scene study and character analysis program (online or in person, group or 1 on 1). Editing 101 or support our Web Site

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Visit our monologue website. Your Donation will get you our 92 page scene study guide that includes real life scripts with pages marked up for an audition cold read.

Copy & Paste free monologues for kids, teens and adults. Learn more about acting techniques Get free materials on film and theatrical acting.

Prepare self tapes / Cold Reading and more Don't be unprepared when you send self tapes or go to auditions.