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Scene Study Scripts (M/M, M/F, F/F)

Adam & Emma guy girl friends with benefits Scene 1 Comedy

Adam Jenn guy girl in law talk Rules of Engagement Comedy

Alexis Madison girl girl guy talk Dramedy

Andrea & Cathy girl girl take what you dish out Dramedy

Andy Trish guy girl i have kids Comedy


Annie & Bill guy girl reunion Comedy

Annie & Richard guy girl exes talking Dramedy

April_Frank_guy Girl Dressing Room drama

Bianca & Ben guy girl viagra talk Comedy

Bill & Dawn guy girl Cop Partners Comedy

Brady & Will guy guy relationship advice Dramedy

Bruce & Rex guy guy ex talk Dramedy

Buckley & Jessica Guy girl Job Drama

cate and ryan guy guy proposal dramedy


Chad and Maggie guy girl can i offer u a drink Dramedy

Charlie & Mrs Winterbottom guy girl Cancer Drama

chet_ jessica guy girl havent seen you in ages Romantic Comedy

Claire & Man with The Plan guy girl save life Drama

Clarissa & Danny guy girl i dont like your tone Office Comedy

CLIFF_and_HENRY guy guy interviewing receptionists Comedy

Cole & Kay guy girl affair Drama

Cole & Railly guy guy Car crashDrama

Cole & Railly guy guy delusions Drama

Cole & Railly guy guy psych questioing Drama

Colonel and Denise guy girl secret jobDrama

Cuddy & House guy girl argument Drama

Dante Carly_guy girl bodyguard affair Drama

DariaAnthony_guy girl Odd JV Squad_drama

David & Alan Father Son- Comedy

Dennis & Dee guy girl fired by father Drama

detective & kimmy guy girl dead husband Drama

DH KArl and Susan guy girl Divorce talk Dramedy


Dr Todd & Cathy guy girl Diagnosis Dramedy

Duncan & Cameron Daughter and Absent Father Drama


Elizabeth & Dan guy girl Pregnant Drama

elliot mr. bragen i am gonna sue you Scrubs Guy Guy Dramedy

father son comedy

fiona and lindeman Comedy


George & Ira guy guy joking about sex with girl

George & Ira Sick guy Dramedy

guy girl car comedy

Harvey & Kate guy girl in a bar Drama

Helen Jessica girl girl not feeling like myself Dramedy

House & Wilson guy guy investigating a patient Drama

Ira & Dr Lars making fun of the dr. Dramedy

Iris and Ben guy girl waitress and customer Dramedy

Iris and Caller 2 girl girl relationship advice Dramedy-1

Ivy & Dixon guy girl surfing 90210 Drama

Jack Teen & Mom guy girl sick mom Drama

Jake & Ice cream man guy guy bottled up feelings Drama

James & female tenant guy girl breaking and entering Dramedy

Jason and Adrian guy girl Comedy


Jeff & Dawn guy girl Nosy neighbors Drama

Jennifer & Aaron Maneater Dramedy Scene 1

Jessica & Ruby senator blackmail Drama

Joe & Harper guy girl Drama

Johnny & Stranger Teen & Adult Drama

Josh_Chloe Dramedy

Justin & Kwang Scene 1 Comedy

Karen & Rich guy girl questioning the writer Drama

Kay & Hazel girl girl drinking Drama

Kim & Lindsey girl girl rape drama

Kyle and Zach guy guy friends fighting Drama

Kylie & Jen girl girl dating conversation Drama

Laurel & Brooke comedy

Leslie & Maureen Scene 1 Comedy


Lindeman & Dr. Weinstein guy guy therapist Dramedy

Marthamitz_Rick_firstdate_dk Comedy

mary jackie argument girl girl Drama

Megan & Victoria girl girl cafe Drama

mel & harris guy girl moving in Drama

Paul & Cathy guy girl Married Comedy

Principal & Jody guy girl principal's office Drama

Psychiatrist & Sonya guy girl husbands secret life Drama

RAY & GAVIN guy guy moms a prostitute Drama

Ray Ray & Jimmy guy guy Checkin out girls Comedy

Raynor and walker Guy Guy drugdealer Drama

RevStevens & Andy guy guy wedding blues Comedy

rod jessica guy girl eating with the enemy Drama

RONNA and GAINES guy girl drug deal set up Drama

Sheldon & Paul guy guy (Homeless Man) Dramedy

Storm_&_Triciaguy girl its hard being hot_Comedy

Stuart & Marin guy girl i love your book Comedy

Vern & Gabrielle guy girl dressing room Dramedy

Veronica_Dante guy girl blow job Comedy

Vicky_Christina_ gurl girl guy talk Dramedy

Will & Jane guy girl In Laws Scene 1 Comedy

Will and Grace guy girl office talk Comedy