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Help Us Locate These Missing Children website contains information about, and when available, pictures of Michigan Children who have been reported to law enforcement as runaways or potential abductions. This information is being provided by the State because it is believed the children are at risk, and it is in the best interest of these children that they be located.




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Hair is an important part of the production as part of wardrobe.  Much like color, the style, volume and choices made with hair should be true to your character.  What happens when the production team needs a little hand in the hair department?  You can confidently step in to save yourself and the show by having some ideas and pieces ready for different characters. 

There is no better way to know what looks best on you for any character then to try on many different looks.  Try visiting a few wig shops and take pictures in up to 3 different wigs.  Start with a basic color, that is similar to your natural hair and mix up styles.  Work your way into different colors and lengths to transform your look.  At most wig shops and some beauty supplies you will find specialists to assist you with wig placement and styling.  Your limit may be 3 wigs, but you most likely only need 1 at a time per production (depending on the show) so be careful with your choices.  Remember if you use up all your options, you may want to visit another shop for more options.  Be sure to ask if there is a limit on how many wigs or half wigs you can try on ( A half wig is a wig that blends with your hair in the front for a more natural look). Make sure you also pay for or get a wig cap for hair protection (usually required at any shop). 

Before you visit the shop, look online for ideas of what style your character may wear.  Keep in mind, the look will be on your head, so the shape of your face should be considered.  Your face is most likely either, oval, heart, round or apple shaped.  See different hair ideas for these shapes and look for wigs that compliment your shape.  You can feel free to go against your face shape, but you may find the suggested wigs more flattering.  Now after researching the selection you are ready to go to the shop/s and try on some new looks.  Have fun and keep and open mind.  

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Here are some of our most urgent needs, contact us and donate:

         Video equipment including:
* DSLR Cameras - Canon, Nikon, Sony
* DSLR Camera lens

         * Digital Sound gear- Recorders and Headphones

         Mics - Boom and Wireless Lavs

         Professional audio recording equipment and supplies.

While your donations are tax deductable, your gifts are even more valuable as they will be used in support of educational purposes.



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