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Help Us Locate These Missing Children website contains information about, and when available, pictures of Michigan Children who have been reported to law enforcement as runaways or potential abductions. This information is being provided by the State because it is believed the children are at risk, and it is in the best interest of these children that they be located.




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Depending on yourself can be very gratifying when its time to step into your next role.  To avoid a style snafu make sure a few criteria are met before getting carried away.  Ask yourself these questions.  Is the film or production on a tight budget, which requires the actor to participate in supplying wardrobe?  Is the wardrobe current, period or specific for your character (color theme, glasses etc.)  Do you have a fair to good sense of style in your day to day life?  Can you shop confidently and concisely?  Okay if any of these answers are yes, read on for some great tips to gain a treasure chest of looks for any production you need to show up to camera ready or with options in tow. 

Stylists are awesome and who wouldn’t love to have someone at rehearsal bringing you racks of custom picked clothing and hair pieces that would leave your lochs looking breathtaking and transform your day to day to celebrity bae.  Besides being labeled a Diva, you may simply not have the time nor cash to pull that A-List transaction just yet.  Don’t let that discourage you, here’s how to get the perfect look and be well on your way to the star treatment.  Be your own stylist, DIY is a great way to showcase your unique style and can be very cost effective.  You will be comfortable in your wardrobe because you picked it and as long as you are true to the character and directors expectations you will thank yourself for being so savvy.  Let’s make you a class act as a style wise fashionista/o.

Wardrobe, Wardrobe, Wardrobe!

Stick to basic bold colors that are within the scheme of the show, in order to avoid undermining your directors vision (Do not be afraid to ask them if they approve of your choices, that is needed).

Actors Study Guide for Character

*** What should you do about Hair on an independent film or theater set***

Monologues for Casting

Actors Basic Training Guide for stage or film

Basic Camera Movement

Whats in a Script, what do those words mean?  1  2 (right click and download)





Here are some of our most urgent needs, contact us and donate:

         Video equipment including:
* DSLR Cameras - Canon, Nikon, Sony
* DSLR Camera lens

         * Digital Sound gear- Recorders and Headphones

         Mics - Boom and Wireless Lavs

         Professional audio recording equipment and supplies.

While your donations are tax deductable, your gifts are even more valuable as they will be used in support of educational purposes.



Jobs on a Production
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