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Photographer Brian Heath
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What are the worst habits a model can have?

  1. Arrive late for work.  Which means the model came in literally on time or late.  It’s always best to arrive a bit early and definitely before the client.  You never know if a discussion is needed prior to a client’s arrival and there is usually a team discussion on the shoot particulars.

  2. Showing up with the wrong type of underwear (color, cut or style)

  3. Showing up with bags under your eyes after hanging out late

  4. Not bringing your own heels/shoes just in case there is a need.  Models should always travel to a gig with a kit of neutral, white, black shoes/heels, basic makeup (foundation for sure just in case) a couple of wigs isn’t a bad thing (short, long, straight, curly).  We may never use them but it’s always good to know the talent is ready for any creative challenges.

  5. Showing up not groomed or badly shaven.  Underarm hair is not cute, neither is panty line hair.  Body odor is not acceptable.  Facial hair if it’s not expected, for guy’s

What do I look for in a model’s composite when booking for a shoot?

  1. that the images look natural.  No photoshop and high resolution, clean crisp images.  No high fashion for these, that’s for the portfolio

  2. they should have all stats, full contact info, clearly printed

  3. they should have a headshot, full length, and torso shots

  4. that they have natural expressions, personality in their faces as well as their poses

How important is the composite?

If the models has one it usually shows a sign that they are expressing professionalism.  It shows that they understand their job.  It is the most important part of the models resume.  If they have nothing to leave me for reference of who they are they will most likely not get booked because there is no way to show a client their look even if they are perfect for the job.  Shooting a few Polaroid’s at the casting is no replacement for a good professionally shot composite.

Models should be willing and ready to pay a professional to shoot an industry acceptable composite and portfolio images.  The professionals who will shoot the images are more likely to be the same photographers who will be casting and or pitching them for gigs.  Its good to establish that relationship on the front end.  Save the tfp shoots for learning unless you are shooting with a professional on test shoots.

Photographer Brian Heath

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