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Photographer Brian Heath

Many models call and email to set up photo shoots for their headshots, comps and portfolios. Normally and unfortunately they don't always know what they want or how to go about setting up the shoots. Here are a few rules to apply to your sessions before you waste your time and more importantly your money.

If you are putting something together to present to potential agencies or to build your book you should seek out photographers who shoot for agencies or who shoot commercial and/or editorial for a living.

Call agencies who are considered legit (do not charge a fee to get signed and do not ask you to pay 500.00 dollars for a portfolio before the ink on your contract has dried) They can refer you to photographers who can shoot images you can present. The photog could potentially reccommend you to the agency if they feel you fit their agency book.

Look at the names of photogs who are shooting fashion spreads locally for magazines, seasoned designers, commercial advertising. Pick a photographer who shoots a style you would like to see in your book.

Look at images of models you like or poses you would like to try and imitate the physical positions and pay close attention to facial expression. Look in industry magazines, websites and not at your friends on facebook unless they have been shooting with professionals. Half of the battle in your photos is how you look (if you have assumed a character in your eyes, expression and body) you are on target..

Decide on how many looks you want to shoot and then put them together completely, from head to toe. You, the model MUST determine what goes in your portfolio, not a photographer who does'nt know you from a hill of beans. NEVER bring a ton of clothes from your closet and let the photographer decide what to shoot, he does not know you, never met you, and it can be a waste of everyones time to shoot random all day to end up with nothing.

If you need help, work with a stylist or designer who can put looks together WITH you and for you. it may cost a little but you will get what you plan on just like a REAL photo shoot. They can go through you closet and possibly pull from designers and stores.

Always work with a professional makeup artist and hair stylist if at all possible on commercial/editorial looks for your portfolio and never wear a lot of makeup or over styled hair for your composite looks.

to be continued...

Photographer Brian Heath

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