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Photographer Brian Heath

I very rarely work with a model I have not seen in person. I always like to see the models, face, skin, posture, height, hair.. it all makes a difference when it comes to preparing settings for light, location, complete looks. I like my makeup and hair stylists to see ahead of time who they are going to work on so that they can be prepared for all circumstances and potential creative opportuinties that may come up.

You should always meet with the photog and talk about you ideas, show him/her a few images of ideas youmay have from magazines or online so you can be certain they can deliver your ideas to satisfaction.

Preparation gurantees satisfaction.

A word about after the shoot...

1. a professional photographer will give you images at the shoot right out of the camera because he/she is not afraid of showing you the raw files. ( he is never going to retouch 100 or more raw images just for you to pick from). No water marks, no low resolution images unless you have agreed to pay someone to give you a bad deal. Even on TFP you can't show an agency watermarked images and be expected to be taked professionally.

2. sit with your agent and decide what images will go into your book. you are not qualified to determine that. thats what agents are paid to help you do. every agency has a (TYPE) they represent and will want your book to represent them as well as you.

to be continued...

Photographer Brian Heath

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