Music,Video and Film Production
for Film/Video Producers and Musicians

consult a entertainment attorney before entering into
an agreement of any nature.


Free Film Software Link zip file
Same software in self exe. file
be sure to read filmmaker_com.html instructions

Assignment Of Copyright
Beta Testing Agreement
Small Agency Agreement
Confidentiality Agreement
Co-promotion Agreement
Corporate Bylaws
General Proxy
Vanity Label Distrbution
Exclusive Songwriter Agreement
Feature Film Offering
Foreign Agent Agreement 1
Investment Memorandum
Jingle Production Agreement
License for a Master Recording 2
Limited Partnership Agreement
Management Agreement 2
Model Release Form 1
Model Release Form 2
Quick Notary Form
General Partnership Agreement
Producer's Lien On A Master
Production Agreement 1
Publicist Agreement
Radio Recording Release
Recording Agreement 1
(artist's wish list)
Recording Agreement 3
Software Licensing Agreement
Single Song Publishng 1
Single Song Option (reversion)
Spec Production Deal (don't "spec" to get paid")
Sponsorship 2 (event)
Subpublishing 1


FILM PREP forms below

60+ film production forms and contracts (zip)

Line Production Spreadsheet Excel

MS Word Scriptwriting Template (zip file)
Production Insurance
Download this file for sample applications for all types of production.  Have the answers to questions before you call for insurance.  This package covers E&O, Liability and everything else.
right click and save as...




Band Booking Agreement
Distribution Of Master 1
Executive Employment Agreement
Festival Booking Agreement
Film Synchronization Agreement
Consulting Agreement
Investor Suitability
License for a Master Recording 1
License for a Master Recording 2b
Management Agreement 1
Mechanical License 1
Mechanical License 2
Non-Disclosure Agreement 1
Non-Disclosuere Agreement 2
Photographer Work For Hire
Producer's Royalty Attachment
Production Agreement 2
Radio Performance Release
Receipt For A Master Recording
Recording Agreement 2
Royalty Sharing Agreement (Publishing)
Software Distribution Agreement
Sound Contracting
Sponsorship 1 (tour)
Software Escrow Agreement
Subpublishing 2
Public Access Video Release
Joint Venture Agreement 1

Music Video Spec Sheet

Music Video Rider

MVPA Copyright Statement

Producer Legal Agreements Pkg

Producer Contract


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